Testimonial by Craig and Kellie Boettcher

Swimming has been a very enjoyable part of our lives, so for our son to be safe around water and to get enjoyment from swimming was very important to my wife and I.
We have been delighted to see him not only gain excellent swimming skills at a very young age but also learn to love the water. The advanced techniques, ideal facilites and friendly staff at the Justin Norris Swim Academy have made this possible – Thank you.”

Craig and Kellie (Beau’s Parents)
Craig Boettcher Australian Swim Team Physiotherapist for the Olympic Games 2012 and Commonwealth Games 2010



Testimonial by Katie and Scott Greedy

Both our two children have been attending lessons at the academy since they were about 6mths old. The lessons have given them the knowledge and confidence of what to do in and around the pool. The lessons have also helped us as parents to give us confidence that the kids know how to kick and go back to the ledge if they’re in trouble. 



Testimonial by Kate and Peter Ryan

Tommy loved water, so it was important to teach him water awareness at a young age, so we started with Tommy when he was a baby. He now has developed a wide range of skills and is confident in the water, while still being aware of his limitations.
Jack on the otherhand was petrified of water. With lots of perserverence and patience, he has gained confidence in the water. He now loves swimming and is developing into a great swimmer. We were able to have our first family holiday that involved lots of time in and around the water. We credit Justin Norris Swim Academy and the great swim teachers for making this possible.

Testimonial by Jonathon Shone and Kylie Bray

Congratulations Justin and your staff on your fantastic swimming academy! Our Son started as a Waterbaby at 4 months old in 2006 and our goal was for him to be confident and safe in the water. Now not only is he confident and safe in the water but he has been swimming in races at our local swimming club for the past season as a four year old and managing to finish in front of older kids over 25m and 50m races. Your academy provides a friendly and welcoming place for children and their parents to attend, and the dedicated staff are always willing to go the extra step to ensure that the children are obtaining the best instruction to help them in the water. The program is very well designed from babies right through to school age (our 13yr old daughter has been there since 2006 and our 16yr old daughter has attended until earlier this year). The small classes make lessons more personal and allow for a better learning experience. Well done Justin and all the staff! 

Jonathon Shone and Kylie Bray (Lachlan’s Parents)



Testimonial by Rachael and Greg Henderson

We are writing to let you know that we are very proud of our daughter’s progress since starting at your academy back in April this year.    

Ella started swimming lessons at 13 months old (Oct 2004) at another centre. She never progressed at all, she was still in floaties up until she started with your academy. She was constantly terrified and would never put her head under the water. Her instructor would push their heads under the water and would be yelling at them if they would not do things right. Monday mornings would be awful as she never wanted to go to swimming lessons, it was a constant battle to get her there, but now Ella has her lesson at 4.30 on a Wednesday afternoon at your academy and she has her swimmers on at lunchtime ready to go. She is so keen to go swimming now.    

Ella smiles the whole time she is in your pool, she really likes her instructor Kerry. She tells everyone “Kerry is nice, she doesn’t yell at me”. Ella also tells everyone, “I swim at Justin’s now”. Even though she doesn’t know you she considers you a friend. Your staff have been fantastic, very helpful and always friendly.    

She talks about her swimming lessons all the time now, we are sorry we didn’t take her out of the other centre sooner. Joining her with your swim academy, we feel is one of the best decisions we have made as parents, as Ella is so much happier in herself, and her progress in this short time is just amazing. She is so much more confident in the water now without the floaties. We thank-you and your wonderful staff for making Ella happy.    

Rachael and Greg Henderson    



 Testimonial by Mrs Redcliffe

Two weeks shy of his sixth birthday, Micheal Redcliffe and his family from Woodberry, had a timely reminder of the importance of learning how to swim and maintaining pool safety.    

He has been attending the Justin Norris Swim Academy at Thornton since the age of 4 and couldn’t wait to share his ‘news’ with his teacher Sophie Rose and of course, Mr Norris.    

Micheal was visiting his grandmother’s house last Tuesday afternoon when he fell into her backyard pool.    

“He was trying to retrieve a tennis ball with a long handled scoop when he overbalanced and fell in” Michael’s grandmother Mrs Dunkley said, “I was in the pool area with him. He had his full school uniform on and the water was freezing.”    

Micheal remembered what to do. “The pool is very deep at one end. He was able to swim over to the side and climb out with my help. He was really calm. I was so proud of him. Like most 5 year olds, he wanted to get the ball himself but the safety gate has an added combination lock so he can’t access the pool area without an adult present” Mrs Dunkley said “When I bought the house in 2003, I was very mindful of the fact that it had a pool.    

My three children all had swimming lessons when they were little so it was never a question of whether or not to teach Micheal to swim but when” Mrs Dunkley said. Micheal’s parents decided this year to forgo a season of soccer so he could continue to strengthen his skills and confidence in the water over the winter months. “Soccer will be there next year and for years after that” Micheal’s mother said    

“Having a family member with a backyard pool made the decision to teach Micheal to swim a priority”.    

Mrs Redcliffe    



Testimonial by Kylea Lee

I wouldn’t send my children anywhere else to learn to swim, staff are awesome and the swimming centre is maintained perfectly, all three of my children enjoy their weekly lessons. Thanks guys!!  



Testimonial by Angela Rodgers

Justin Norris Swim Academy is a truly wonderful swim school. Xav, Levi & Khaliah also attend weekly lessons and I can not tell you how far they have come in such a short time. A swim school with feedback, NO floation devices and low student-teacher ratios is just amazing. You will not find a more professional, caring and dedicated team then at JNSA.  



Testimonial by Mrs Sweetman

We would like to thank you for the professionalism of your staff and academy. Abbie, thanks to the instructors has become a more competent and confident swimmer. We have been very happy with your academy and confidently refer people to you.    

Thanks again    

Kind Regards    

Tracey Sweetman    



Testimonial by the Butler Family

The JNSA offers a quality all year round LTS program superior to any other in the area. Our daughter has improved out of sight since starting lessons here.    

The teachers and programming are excellent and we would recommend the Academy to all parents, as children not only learn a life saving skill but have fun while doing it.    

Glenn and Carrie Butler    



Testimonial by the Squires Family

“Justin Norris Swim Academy is an amazing facility with amazing people. The Academy has developed my daughter from a child with no ability and a fear of the water to a girl who can not only swim freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and the beginnings of butterfly to a child who loves and enjoys the water.    

My son only attended the Academy for a short time, but in that time the staff have shown him water safety and the ability to get himself out of the water in an emergency. The team that Justin has employed to help teach the children are amazing, they know the children’s names and use them, they know there abilities and how to challenge them but most of all they have a respect for the children and a genuine fondness. Sara the Supervisor and Justin always know what’s happening and what each child is achieving its amazing.    

I would also like to give a special mention to Sheron ( I know I spelt it wrong sorry ) what an incredible woman she knows all the children that come through that door and says hello to each and everyone, she will help with any situation and always has a laugh. If you are thinking of putting your child into learn to swim there is no better place the facilities are first class something for everyone and your child will not only learn to swim but will learn to respect the water.”    


The Squires Family    



Testimonial by Mr & Mrs Hammond

Our two children have attended the JNSA for a number of years. One of our children has special needs and as such the instructors at the Academy have adjusted their teaching strategies and expectations to allow him to grow in his skills and confidence in what is often very protracted progress. At the same time they have catered for his younger sibling’s more advance level of ability while keeping them in the same class and timeslot.    

Whenever there was a need to change instructors, we were always given prior notice and the instructors worked with the current instructor to learn how best to deal with our son. This was a tactic that was extremely important for our son as an aspect of his special needs condition is difficulty coping with change.    

The instructors under Justin Norris’ expert guidance have always showed tremendous patience and understanding with both of our children. Our son now wears a swimming cap, goggles and swims underwater – all of which we never thought he would ever do. For most children these are minor steps, for our son they are giant leaps.    

We highly recommend the programs at the Justin Norris Swim Academy and the strategies used by the instructors.    

Bernard and Rika Hammond    



Testimonial by Mrs Flaus

To whom it may concern    

My two sons have had instruction from the JNSA for over two years. My older boy, at the age of two, had a nasty fall into a friend’s pool and as a result, was terrified of the water and would not enter the pool without a real struggle.    

Within a few sessions at the JNSA, he was happily splashing in the pool and enjoying the experience of playing in the water. The swimming teachers who helped him, took the time to get to know him and build a learning strategy tailored to him.    

Both of my boys are happy and confident swimmers who love the water. We now have our own pool and they are always in it.    

The caring and helpful staff at this centre have nurtured my sons and helped them to have a respect for the water as well as making their lessons a fun experience.    

Thank you Justin, Sarah and all the girls for making this a happy learning environment.    

Yours Sincerely    

Jacqui Flaus